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The ROI of Cloud ERP

Most U.S.-based distributors have either moved to a cloud-based ERP platform or intend to do so within the next few years. Key drivers of this trend include always-current feature-forward technology, better IT staff efficiency, and the promise of better uptime and security.

Download this report to learn how to calculate the ROI of adopting a cloud-based ERP, as well as the results of our research on distributors' plans for their own systems.

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About the Authors

Barb Zimmerman HeadshotBarb Zimmerman

Managing Partner, ITDirections

Barb Zimmerman is Managing Partner of ITDirections. She is a recognized leader in evaluating application software and negotiating IT contracts, Barb has a passion for aligning corporate and vendor expectations for mutual success. She has more than 20 years of consulting experience with over 120 companies.

Robert Kelley,


Robert Kelley has had an extensive career with high-growth companies from venture-capital backed high-technology startups to large public corporations. He has been the founding Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and VP Engineering for Pyramid Technology — one of the leading computer manufacturers now part of Fujitsu Siemens, Decisionism — an early data warehousing and business analytics companies acquired by Broadbase/Kana, and Crosswalk, Inc. and early high-performance grid storage vendor, as well as VP Strategic Marketing.

At Distribution Strategy Group, Rob creates quantitative analytics models and software applications used for pricing optimization, economic value models, competitive analysis, customer profiles and market segmentation. Rob has been a leader in developing and applying new technologies to a wide variety of business problems including supply chain, customer care, and decision support, and across multiple industries including telecommunications, media, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services. In addition to technology, engineering and marketing roles, Rob is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and has worked in mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments and regulatory valuations.