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The Manufacturer-Distributor Relationship: Direct vs. Channel Strategy Considerations 

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How do manufacturers determine their go-to-market strategy? What factors do they weigh and how do those factors change based on company size, industry or geographic footprint? Furthermore, a growing number of manufacturers are using ecommerce to sell directly to end customers. In recent surveys, they disclosed that it’s because many distributors still lack digital capabilities and a strong marketing acumen. 

The rapid evolution of market dynamics in recent years demands that distributors seek a better understanding of the manufacturer mindset. In this episode of The Discerning Distributor, Alex Chausovsky and his guest explore the factors that manufacturers consider when evaluating their go-to-market strategies – both direct and through various channels, including distribution.  

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About Our Guest

Andrew Hastert

As Director of Channel Partnerships, Andrew leads the strategy and performance of Rockwell Automation’s North American distribution network. Prior to this role he managed the Channel Services business, led as-a-service business model transformation and started the Authorized Service Provider business. He’s also held roles in sales and sales management.

Like many traditional industrial product companies, Rockwell Automation is transforming its customer experience to deliver more value across the industrial lifecycle and in a recurring revenue format, with a portfolio expanding into managed services and XaaS. Andrew’s leading the transformation of its distributor network to play a meaningful role in delivering on new business outcomes, leading customers through their digital transformation journey, and achieving more value across their lifecycle.

Andrew graduated with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He currently resides in the Milwaukee area with his wife Zoë, two daughters and two mini schnauzers.

About Our Host 

Alex Chausovsky

Alex Chausovsky is a highly experienced market researcher and analyst with more than 20 years of expertise across economics, industrial manufacturing, automation, talent and workforce issues, and advanced technology trends. For the past two decades, he has consulted and advised companies throughout the U.S. and Canada, Europe, South America and Asia.  

Alex has delivered hundreds of keynote presentations and webinars to small businesses, trade associations and Fortune 500 companies across a spectrum of industries. He is currently overseeing a suite of analytics products focused on talent for the Miller Resource Group. Alex is also consulting with companies to help them become better at attracting, hiring, and retaining the impact players in their industry.