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The Future of e-Business in B2B
How to compete on digital customer experience in 5 years
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About this webinar:

Over the past several years, distributors and manufacturers have started to realize significant revenue through ecommerce and marketplaces. In some sectors, such as jan/san and packaging, more than 60% of distributors with at least $50 million in annual revenue have an ecommerce storefront with a significant portion going through the shopping cart.

It is no longer sufficient to merely have an ecommerce storefront. Customers have much higher expectations today. The future of e-business in B2B is all about the customer.

During this webinar you'll learn how to build the right customer experience to compete effectively in the future, including:

  • Digital merchandizing, cross-sell, catalog management, site search and configuration capabilities
  • Evolution and critical importance of product data quality, quantity and syndication
  • The part marketplaces will play for distributors and manufacturers
  • The role of eProcurement as a complement to a great shopping experience

We provide strategies to take action now so you can position yourself to adapt and remain resilient long into the future online.

About Our Host:

Dean Mueller


Dean has more than 30 years experience in sales and marketing, including several senior-level positions in marketing and technology leadership, in both public and private equity organizations. Using market research, Dean has a deep understanding of distributor customer needs.

Jonathan Bein,

Managing Partner

Jonathan Bein, Ph.D. has worked with many distributors to make their marketing a profit center. He has developed and applied analytic approaches for customer segmentation, customer lifecycle management, positioning and messaging, pricing, and channel strategy for distributors.

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