Warehouse and Supply Chain Technology

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Warehouse automation is proving to be a compelling investment for distribution operations seeking reduced labor costs and improved throughput efficiencies.

Many businesses rely on paper-based picking, discrete order-picking processes or ERP/WMS. But businesses with omnichannel order fulfillment operations that lack the tools needed to optimize and manage a complex order fulfillment operation will struggle to control labor costs.

This webinar discussed the role ERP and WMS play in distribution operations and explore how Warehouse Execution Systems (WES) and Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) can support those functions.

Learn which systems are best suited to optimize order release while managing both traditional warehouse automation, as well as the latest automation technologies such as Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and Robotic Goods-to-Person (G2P) systems.

This presentation shows how small and mid-sized distribution center operations benefit when investing in a WES-WCS system to extend productivity of an existing ERP or WMS system.


  • What size picking staff justifies an investment in picking automation 
  • Components of packing, manifesting and shipping automation 
  • How to eliminate errors to increase customer satisfaction and retailer chargebacks 
  • How to reduce reliance on manual labor 

Our Guest

Pat Hanrahan

Pat Hanrahan, Numina Group

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About our guest:

Pat Hanrahan

Pat Hanrahan

VP of Business Development, Numina Group

Pat Hanrahan has 15+ years of warehouse automation experience at Numina Group. As vice president of business development, Pat works closely with companies to improve their order fulfillment operations. He also helps clients assess their current operation, identify opportunities for improvement, and collaborates with their team to implement end-to-end warehouse automation solutions. Numina Group specializes in defining, designing and implementing warehouse automation solutions that eliminate manual labor, and increase efficiency, accuracy and profitability throughout fulfillment operations. 

About our host:

Ian G. Heller

Founder & Senior Partner, Distribution Strategy Group

Ian Heller is Founder & Senior Partner at Distribution Strategy Group, and has more than 30 years of experience executing marketing and e-business strategy in the wholesale distribution industry. He has written and spoken extensively on the impact of digital disruption on distributors.