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Supply Chain Outlook: What to Expect in 2022 & Beyond

Dubbed the Great Supply Chain Disruption by the New York Times, pressure on the global supply chain isn’t likely to let up anytime soon.

While some indicators suggest that the pressure is beginning to ease, the current geopolitical landscape might cause any easing to reverse, extending our stay in this unusual state for longer.

What is causing continued supply chain disruption?

Download this free whitepaper to dive deep into the causes of today’s disruption, including truck and chassis shortages, disruption at ports, steep inflation, Ukraine and continuing issues in China. You’ll also learn what you can expect in 2022 and beyond.

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About the Author:

G. 'Ravi' Ravishankar

G. 'Ravi’ Ravishankar is a faculty member at the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations Division at the Leeds School of Business. He is a veteran of supply chain, lean transformation, implementing product innovation strategies and technology transfer from national laboratories.

His career has spanned a wide range of operating roles from president, CFO to engineering manager and director of innovation. He has worked in four continents on lean manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, product development, factory start-up, and business strategy. His industry experience includes, semiconductors, machinery, medical devices, food and beverage, chemicals, consulting and not-for-profit organizations.