How to Optimize Distributor Profitability with 1% Improvements

Cover of: How to Optimize Distributor Profitability with 1% Improvements

Distribution is the most purely competitive sector of the American economy. That reality makes it challenging to permanently and significantly increase profitability. The competitive nature of distribution also means that the difference between winning and losing is very small. 

Despite the challenges, distributors can embrace approaches that drive higher profits in a way that competition cannot easily match.

In this free report Al Bates shares the small changes that can be made in two key areas of the business to exponentially increase profit.

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About the Author:

Al Bates

Al Bates has worked in distribution for more than 30 years. For the first portion of his career, he ran The Profit Planning Group, the largest benchmarking business in distribution, which was benchmarking nearly 2,000 companies a year through associations and buying groups. After selling the business, Bates started a think tank called The Distribution Performance Project. He and his colleagues analyze what causes some distributors to succeed and others to stagnate.