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How Distributors Can Build
Their AI Roadmap

Generating leads, managing customer relationships, improving working capital performance, creating marketing content, expediting financial analysis, automating order entry, optimizing delivery routing – these are just a few areas where AI can help a distributor improve its effectiveness, productivity or accuracy.  

But where to start? 

AI veteran Brooks Hamilton will help you sort it out. Brooks was one of the most popular speakers at Distribution Strategy Group’s recent AI conference. He has years of experience developing and implementing cutting-edge technology specifically for distributors.  

Over the past several years, he’s worked on how distributors can apply AI to improve their business outcomes. 

Download this report to learn which AI applications have the most potential for you, where you should start on your AI journey and the steps you need to take to put together your plan. 


Brooks Hamilton

Brooks Hamilton
Hamilton AI Strategy Advisors

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About the author:

Brooks Hamilton

Brooks Hamilton

Founder, Hamilton AI Strategy Advisors

Brooks Hamilton is the founder of Hamilton AI Strategy Advisors, which helps large enterprises build and implement AI strategies. With a deep understanding of both AI technology and business operations, his company is positioned to help organizations navigate the rapidly evolving AI landscape. Previously, Brooks held executive positions at Zilliant, where he worked with dozens of leading distributors to design and deploy AI sales, pricing, and revenue management applications.