Competing and Winning with Value-Added Services 

Cover of: Maximizing Working Capital Performance for Distributors

Great distributors embrace complexity as a differentiator. 

As channels evolve, distributors face growing competition from pure digital players like marketplaces. As a result, distributors must master digital competencies. However, it’s in value-added services where they can truly differentiate.  

We’ve hired Frank Hurtte – who literally wrote the book on value-added services – to develop and present a webinar for distributors on how they can use services not only to protect share of more complex relationships but to retain the simple, on-demand business, too.  

In Hurtte’s book, The Distributors’ Fee-Based Services Manifesto, he writes: 

A distributor’s livelihood rests on customer relationships. I firmly believe building a service-for-fee model builds customer intimacy and supercharges the relationship. Charging for service creates a new and different sort of customer model. The distributor positions themselves as a professional, a thoughtful advisor rather than just a seller. 

In this report, Hurtte describes how to identify, document and market services in such a way that you can charge for some of them while increasing your importance to customers so that you become a more strategic partner.  

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About the Author:

Frank Hurtte

Founding Partner, River Heights Consulting

Frank Hurtte, Founding Partner of River Heights Consulting brings 28 years of distribution industry experience and a lifetime of sales background. Frank grew up in a family-owned business where he was selling car and truck tires wholesale before he turned 14. During his career, Hurtte has gone through nearly every aspect of the whole business. He served as manager of a rapidly growing start-up location, ran a cluster of branches where he worked to develop future leaders and was called on to build a winning team after the merger of two companies with dissimilar cultures. Frank successfully established sale strategies in emerging markets and coordinated the efforts of a diverse group of distributor specialists to establish a corporate-wide blueprint for success. In his role as VP Technical Sales, Frank developed and implemented a model for tracking and measuring the “value-adds” provided to customers and pivoting the company to a fee-based services model.