4 Use Cases for AI
in Distribution

4 Use Cases for AI  in Distribution

In this free report, take a deep dive into artificial intelligence, its impact on distribution and why distributors should be paying attention to it – now. 

Benj Cohen, founder of proton.ai and leading voice on AI in distribution, shares four use cases – sales, inventory, operations and product – of how distributors are using AI today to drive profitable growth. 

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  • What AI is, and why it's different from any other technology distributors have seen
  • The availability and maturity of AI applications, built in-house and by third-party vendors
  • Where to get started with AI

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About the Author:

Benjamin Cohen

Founder, Proton.ai

Benj Cohen founded Proton to help distributors harness cutting-edge artificial intelligence. He learned about distribution firsthand at Benco Dental, a business started by his great grandfather. Later, while studying Applied Math and Data Science at Harvard University, Cohen saw an opportunity to bring his two worlds together. He’s on a mission to supply distributors with the innovative technology they need to thrive in modern markets. Contact Benj at benj@proton.ai.