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2024 State of Technology in Distribution:
Building Your Tech Stack
for Success

Download this report to get the latest insights into distributor technology trends and strategies for success.  

Written by industry expert Jonathan Bein, Ph.D., this report focuses on the transformative power of AI and other emerging technologies in the distribution sector. From ERP and CRM to ecommerce and AI-driven analytics, discover how leading distributors are leveraging technology to drive growth and competitive advantage.  

Get actionable recommendations to optimize your technology investments and propel your business forward. Get your copy now to stay ahead of the curve and unlock new opportunities for growth.


Jonathan Bein, Ph.D.

Jonathan Bein, Ph.D. Distribution Strategy Group

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About the author:

Jonathan Bein Ph.D.

Jonathan Bein, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Jonathan Bein, Ph.D. has worked with over 100 distributors to apply advanced analytics and AI to improve customer experience, define value proposition, estimate sales potential and create digital strategy. Prior to Distribution Strategy Group, Bein successfully led and was part of executive management for software product and services companies in information technology, healthcare, and communications. Bein has been CEO of several companies. 

Bein earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Colorado with a focus in Artificial Intelligence and a BA in Computer Science at Indiana University.