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2023 Supply Chain Outlook:
How to Prepare for What Lies Ahead

After a few years of ups and downs in supply chain reliability – wreaking havoc on distributor lead times – where do we stand now? 

G. ‘Ravi’ Ravishankar answers that question. 

In this report, he provides an update on the current state of supply chains and what’s coming so that you can better navigate the road ahead. 

Download now to learn: 

  • How conditions at major ports have changed over the past year
  • Demand and availability of warehouse space
  • Inventory levels and what they indicate is coming
  • Trends in container pricing and chassis availability
  • The emergence of Vietnam as a major player in the China +1 strategy

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G. ‘Ravi’ Ravishankar

G. ‘Ravi’ Ravishankar
Leeds School of Business,
University of Colorado-Boulder

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About the author:

G. 'Ravi' Ravishankar

G. 'Ravi' Ravishankar

G. 'Ravi’ Ravishankar is a faculty member at the Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Operations Division at the Leeds School of Business. He is a veteran of supply chain, lean transformation, implementing product innovation strategies and technology transfer from national laboratories.

His career has spanned a wide range of operating roles from president, CFO to engineering manager and director of innovation. He has worked in four continents on lean manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, product development, factory start-up, and business strategy. His industry experience includes semiconductors, machinery, medical devices, food and beverage, chemicals, consulting and not-for-profit organizations.