2022 State of Distributor Sales:
Rewriting the Distributor Sales Playbook for a New Era

2022 State of Distributor Sales: Rewriting the Distributor Sales Playbook for a New Era

We asked distributors how happy they were with their sales efforts, and only 45% of distributors who responded to our survey were satisfied.

Dissatisfaction may be tied to supply chain challenges, inflation, difficulty in finding good employees and fundamental changes required to match customer behavior shifts.

The rules are changing fast. The traditional sales approach you have used for years is not necessarily the best approach today.

Now is the time for distributors to step back and ponder their existing sales structure, compensation plans and technology to ensure they are delivering the right customer experience.

In this free report from Frank Hurtte, we explore:

  • How customer interaction has changed
  • The deployment of tools to increase sales efficiency
  • The use of ecommerce in an omnichannel sales strategy
  • How well distributors identify and engage new customers
  • How fee-based services are being employed to offset margin erosion and escalating people costs

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About the Author:

Frank Hurtte

Founding Partner, River Heights Consulting

Frank Hurtte, Founding Partner of River Heights Consulting brings 28 years of distribution industry experience and a lifetime of sales background.  Frank grew up in a family owned business where he was selling car and truck tires wholesale before he turned 14.  During his career, Hurtte has gone through nearly every aspect of the wholes business.  He served as manager of a rapidly growing start-up location ran a cluster of branches where he worked to develop future leaders and was called on to build a winning team after the merger of two companies with dissimilar cultures.  Frank successfully established sale strategies in emerging markets and coordinated the efforts of a diverse group of distributor specialists to establish a corporate-wide blueprint for success.  In his role as VP Technical Sales, Frank developed and implemented a model for tracking and measuring the “value-adds” provided to customers and pivoting the company to a fee-based services model.