2022 State of Analytics in Distribution:
Turning Data Into Dollars

State of analytics in distribution: turning data into dollars

Distributors continue to struggle with driving value through analytics, despite recognizing its critical importance in their businesses.

But if distributors want to turn data into dollars, they need to stop playing catch up and get more strategic. Our author shares what distributors need to do to take their analytics programs to the next level and differentiate.

In this free report, Senthil Gunasekaran, Co-Founder of Actvantage and author of seven best-selling NAW books focused on the use of analytics in distribution, will share:

  • The types and importance of analytics by function
  • Who owns analytics within distributor organizations, and how those resources are organized
  • How distributors are benefiting from analytics
  • The newest technologies that are driving analytics, including AI, machine learning and automation
  • The blind spots distributors need to watch for when implementing analytics

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About the Author:

Senthil Gunasekaran

Co-Founder and Managing Director, ActVantage

Senthil Gunasekaran is co-founder of ActVantage, which helps distributors drive profitable growth through analytics and talent development. He has more than 19 years of experience helping hundreds of distributors and manufacturers, while co-authoring seven books for the NAW. He also delivers executive education and speaks at distribution industry forums. Prior to ActVantage, Senthil led research and industry projects at Texas A&M’s Industrial Distribution program.