Distribution Leader Panel: Choosing and Leveraging the Best ERP for Your Company 

June 27, 2023, 9 PT/12 ET

Join us on June 27 at 9 ET/12 PT for our panel of distribution executives. We will get their views and expertise on how you can select the right ERP system for your company – and how to leverage it once it’s live.

We’ll discuss topics to consider when selecting the right ERP, such as distributor-specific functionality, scalability, integration capabilities, ease of use, mobile access, vendor reputation and support, business intelligence and much more.  

We’ll also ask our panelists for tips for leveraging a new ERP system. Topics will include:  

  • Planning/prioritizing the implementation and ramp-up  
  • Training users and driving engagement  
  • Migrating and cleansing data  
  • Planning for continuous improvement  
  • Managing change  
  • Ensuring you regularly apply updates  
  • How you can measure success  

Don’t miss this essential panel for distributors who are considering a new ERP – or might sometime soon. Sign up below to attend live – bring your questions – or to listen to the recording.


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About our panelists:

Panelists' info coming soon!

About our host:

Ian G. Heller

Founder & Senior Partner, Distribution Strategy Group

Ian Heller is Founder & Senior Partner at Distribution Strategy Group, and has more than 30 years of experience executing marketing and e-business strategy in the wholesale distribution industry. He has written and spoken extensively on the impact of digital disruption on distributors.