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Bay Supply Proves Small Distributors Can Build Big Marketplaces 

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Conventional thinking claims that only distributors larger than a billion dollars can build successful marketplaces. Bay Supply is much smaller than that, but its fastener marketplace is taking off.  

Like most wholesalers, Bay Supply is facing new marketplace entrants supported by tech startups, national distributors, manufacturers and even software providers that are fighting to reach the buyer directly through these rapidly evolving platforms. Unlike other distributors, Bay Supply jumped into the marketplace competition itself. And they’re recruiting manufacturers and distributors to join their platform in a friendlier ecosystem than many of the alternatives.  

Mike Eichinger, Bay Supply COO, joined us on the Wholesale Change show on Aug. 31 at 9PT/12ET. He shared how Bay Supply is taking a collaborative approach to supporting distributors who want to reach sourcing professionals with an efficient solution while maintaining their brand and positioning as experts in the field. 

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About our guest:

Mike Eichinger  

COO at Bay Fastening Systems

Mike Eichinger founded an Insurance Agency specializing in Risk Management for National Programs. He sold this company in 1998.

Mike founded a Natural Stone Manufacturing Company specializing on creating custom dimensional stone products until 2008. In 2010, he joined Bay Fastening Systems as COO to help grow their business.

About our host:

Ian G. Heller

Founder & Senior Partner

Ian Heller is Founder & Senior Partner at Distribution Strategy Group, and has more than 30 years of experience executing marketing and e-business strategy in the wholesale distribution industry. He has written and spoken extensively on the impact of digital disruption on distributors.