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A New Sales Channel: Telephone-Based Sales Reps

There are many faces to inside sales – but most of them have nothing to do with actual sales. This report sheds light on how distributors have historically used telephone-based sales reps, how successful these programs have been, and how this has led to a new sales channel.

You’ll learn:

  • The effectiveness of various telephone selling applications
  • How to determine your opportunities for telephone-based sales
  • The basic tenets of an integrated sales model

Telephone-based sales reps can be a cost-effective competitive advantage for distributors that leverage them proactively.

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About the Author

Mark Peck HeadshotMark Peck
Owner of Apexx Group

In 2002, Mark founded Apexx Group. Apexx is a business-to-business marketing and consulting firm. They aim for profitable growth from every one of their clients, whether that means branching into a new market, improving current marketing strategies, or putting a new product into the existing market.