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2021 State of Shopping and Buying in Distribution
Behind the Changing Customer Journey

The data is clear: Your customers prefer more efficient electronic shopping and buying methods.

The data and analysis in this report, based on surveys of more than 3,800 distributor customers over the past 12 months, will challenge you to think differently about how to better serve your customers in 2022 and beyond.

In this report, learn:

  • How customers prefer to shop and buy
  • What to expect in the next two years as customer preferences change
  • A roadmap for adapting your go-to-market strategy to your customers’ needs

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About the Authors

Dean Mueller


Dean has more than 30 years experience in sales and marketing, including several senior-level positions in marketing and technology leadership, in both public and private equity organizations. Using market research, Dean has a deep understanding of distributor customer needs.


Jonathan Bein,

Managing Partner

Jonathan Bein, Ph.D. has worked with many distributors to make their marketing a profit center. He has developed and applied analytic approaches for customer segmentation, customer lifecycle management, positioning and messaging, pricing, and channel strategy for distributors.