Dollars Into Profit: Solutions to Grow Your Bottom Line 

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Every distributor’s sales dollar takes a long journey from the top of the P&L to the bottom, where it turns into operating income after being eaten away by the cost structure.  

Distributors know that to get more of those sales dollars to turn into profit, they need state-of-the-art technologies: 

  • Demand Generation: CRM, ecommerce, marketing automation 
  • Pricing/Margin: Pricing analytics, price management, accurate costing 
  • Vendor Management: Rebate and co-op management; efficient payables
  • Financial Management: Accounting, AR, AP
  • Inventory Management: Forecasting, purchasing, receiving
  • Data Management: Products, customers, employees, suppliers 

Distributors must have systems to manage these areas to maximize sales opportunities and cash generation.  

Developing and implementing these architectures takes expertise. Watch on-demand to hear from our experienced panelists, who will help you make the most of them. 


Giovanni Bryden, Resolve

Kristen Thom, White Cup

Steve Levy, Infor

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About our panelists:

Giovanni Bryden

Giovanni Bryden is Resolve’s Head of Sales and Customer Success. Prior to Resolve, Gio spent the majority of his career as a sales engineer at Mixpanel, where he helped the Fortune 100 learn from their data.

Eventually, Gio ran the global organization, managing a distributed team of 14 SEs to support Mixpanel's ambitious sales goals in North America, EMEA and APAC. It was during this time that he realized the serious need for sales and post-sales teams to work well together, which led him to pivot to Customer Success and, mostly recently, to running sales at Resolve. Gio brings a cross-disciplinary toolset and a curious nature to his work. He is excited to help SMBs fuel their B2B transactions and growth. 


Kristen Thom

Kristen Thom began her career at White Cup in 2013 and is now the Director of Product Management. With a customer-first commitment, Kristen has held roles across implementation, support, development and customer success. She has almost 10 years of experience in the office technology space and nearly five years of experience in the distribution industry.



Steve Levy

Steve Levy is Infor’s Vice President of Enterprise Architecture for the distribution industry. In this role, he is responsible for ensuring Infor’s customers established the best possible architecture for their enterprise ecosystems.

Steve and his team have successfully helped some of the world’s largest and most complex distributors digitally transform their operations. Prior to his arrival at Infor, Steve was the executive vice president at a wholesale paper distributor.

About our host:


Ian Heller

Founder & Senior Partner, Distribution Strategy Group

Ian Heller is Founder & Senior Partner at Distribution Strategy Group, and has more than 30 years of experience executing marketing and e-business strategy in the wholesale distribution industry. He has written and spoken extensively on the impact of digital disruption on distributors.