Distribution Leader Panel:
Delighted Customers Buy More: How Exceptional Customer Experience Powers Growth and Profits

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Providing an outstanding customer experience (CX) is the most powerful way for distributors to differentiate. Customers may be able to buy your products elsewhere but competitors will struggle to match truly exceptional service. But you must know what your customers want from you and how well you’re delivering against their expectations.

Leading distributors have recognized that CX, the totality of the customer’s interactions and experiences with a distributor, is the most important product they offer.

Loyal customers generate more revenues and profit than indifferent buyers.

In this distribution leader panel, we explored:

  • Measuring customer satisfaction – What matters and what’s the right method?
  • Components of customer experience – Which capabilities and touchpoints should you prioritize?
  • Improving customer satisfaction – How should you act upon the data you gather?
  • Measuring the value of a customer experience initiative – How do we know that our CX initiatives are working? What benefits are they delivering to customers and to our company?

If you are a distributor who takes customer experience seriously or are considering a CX initiative, don’t miss this panel. Watch on-demand as distribution executives with experience in CX shared best practices and lessons learned.


Corey Hiegel

Corey Hiegel, Palmer-Donavin

Jennifer Ewing Jubin

Jennifer Ewing Jubin, COE Distributing

Joanne Stitzer

Joanne Stitzer, Benco Dental

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson, Motion & Control Enterprises

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About our panelists:

Corey Hiegel

Director of Customer Service, Palmer-Donavin

Corey Hiegel began his career at Palmer-Donavin in 2016 and is now the director of customer service. He has taken his passion for customer experience into each role he has held, whether that be outside sales or customer service. He has seven years of experience in B2B distribution and when he is not working, he can be found brewing coffee or riding bikes.

Scot Stein

Jennifer Ewing Jubin

VP of CX, COE Distributing

Jennifer Jubin is a results-oriented professional with a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Currently serving as the Vice President of Customer Experience for COE Distributing, Jennifer has been an invaluable asset to the company for over six years. She began her journey at COE as the Vice President of Operations, where she implemented efficient strategies and streamlined processes to enhance productivity and maximize profitability across three distribution centers, customer service, IT, accounting and HR.

Prior to her tenure at COE Distributing, Jennifer honed her skills in the dynamic world of hotels and hospitality. With a focus on Revenue Management, Operations and 5-star service, she gained extensive experience in optimizing revenue streams and ensuring impeccable guest satisfaction.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor's degree from Seton Hill University and furthered her education by obtaining an MBA from the prestigious Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. Her educational background has provided her with a solid foundation in business strategy and leadership.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Jennifer cherishes her role as a mother to George (22) and Sam (20) and her three furry companions Cookie, Candy, and Ziggy. In her spare time, she channels her energy into renovating her 104-year-old home located in Southwestern Pennsylvania and finds solace in activities such as running and hiking.

Committed to making a difference in her community, Jennifer serves on the board of CASA Fayette, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for local children within the court system. Her involvement demonstrates her unwavering commitment to championing the rights and well-being of vulnerable youth.

Joanne Stitzer

VP of Customer & Associate Engagement, Benco Dental

Joanne Stitzer is the vice president of customer and associate engagement at Benco Dental, the nation’s largest independent dental supply and equipment distributor. She specializes in customer experience, which has always been a part of her career focus.  

Joanne has two decades of wisdom focused on fulfillment, operations and customer service. She graduated from Wilkes University in 2003 with a BA in Business Administration and earned her MBA in 2005. Joanne is a NPS Certificated survey professional who has a passion for solving puzzles and problems in the workplace. When she’s not working, this life-long resident of Northeastern, PA, can be found cheering on her 11-year-old son at his sporting events or planning a trip to the beach. 

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

VP of Operations & Customer Experience

Jennifer Johnson brings over 20 years of experience in distribution to her current role as vice president of operations and customer experience at Motion & Control Enterprises. Prior to this role, she served as director of customer success and support at Verizon Connect and spent over 18 years at W.W. Grainger where she climbed to regional sales vice president. Jennifer graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a bachelor’s degree in business and animal science.

About our host:

Jonathan Bein, Ph.D.

Managing Partner, Distribution Strategy Group

Jonathan Bein, Ph.D. has worked with many distributors to make their marketing a profit center. He has developed and applied analytic approaches for customer segmentation, customer lifecycle management, positioning and messaging, pricing, and channel strategy for distributors.